In other news, all the friendshippyness inspired me to finally put “Clap Your Hands, Y’all” on Ao3.  For those of you who like knowing when I put stuff on Ao3.

(I know, I’m slow.  Change is weird and hard.  I’m working on it.)

communicating via lists of demands is much more efficient
You’re training me well.  Soon I’ll just start every prompt meme by writing you a Brittany fic and then asking if anyone else wants anything.

So if you sent a prompt (or a list of demands — weeds) and I haven’t gotten to it tonight, please have faith that I have seen it, I am thinking about it, and I will write something.  I might not get it done tonight; weeds’ will probably take at least a week.  But I’ve seen them, and they’re processing, and there will be something.

Razgovor - Shaw and Harold both like Chemistry.

The bottom left gif makes me want to rewrite the Mary Tyler Moore theme to be about Harold Finch.

"Who can blow up drug labs with his smile?

Who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?”

(Sooner or later someone’s going to do the sitcom edit of Person of Interest.  It just needs to be done.)

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ficdirectory said: Mike/Mercedes friendship

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Anonymous said: Shaw/Reese - one of them plays wingman.

(Just a tiny thing of Reese and Shaw at the school reunion).

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isagrimorie said: Harold and Shaw, John and She, or all three together for friendship meme

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isagrimorie said: Friendship: Harold and Shaw

This actually follows the first scene in Sin Nombre, and carries on a bit from there.

She’s sitting by Arthur’s bedside when Harold makes his unsteady way into the room, jet-lagged and exhausted and terrified that he’s missed his chance to say goodbye.  But the monitors are beeping steadily with the rhythm of Arthur’s still-beating heart, and Miss Shaw is sitting by Arthur’s bedside, and for once, Harold isn’t too late.

It isn’t until Miss Shaw turns to look at him that he realizes she’s holding Arthur’s hand in hers, and the quiet kindness of the gesture takes his breath away.

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I appear to have opened Pandora’s askbox. 

*cracks knuckles, cues up playlist of favorite Glee group numbers*

Let’s do this.